Top 5 Best Over the Knee Boots for Skinny Legs of 2022

best over the knee boots for skinny legs

Are you worried about skinny legs? Don’t be! Skinny legs are the new sexy. With the right outfit over those skinny legs, going out or looking sharp shouldn’t be anything to worry about. But how do you get those skinny the nod that they deserve? It is simple. Get the best over the knee boots for skinny legs. With a pair of such boots, your skinny legs will be less revealing. You will feel much more confident and possibly strike a fashion statement like never before.

So if your worry is your skinny legs, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. And let’s waste no time. In this post, I am going to review the over the knee boots for skinny legs models. In addition to that, I will give several tips upfront that’ll help you to get the best out of your skinny legs. For me to round up these top models, I had to compare them to several other models, check on their ratings, and again see the type of feedback that people who bought these boots before have.

Quick Tip: Our Best Over the Knee Boots for Skinny Legs

  • Stuart Weitzman Women’s 5050 Over-the-Knee Boot
  • Chinese Laundry Women’s Uma Over the Knee B
  • Shoe’N Tale Women Stretch Suede High Over the Knee Boots
  • Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Classic Equestrian Boot
  • Frye Women’s Melissa Button Lug Tall Knee High Boot

With that said, let’s hit the road. Here are the reviews of the best over the knee boots. They are simple and easy to follow through. Read on!

1. Stuart Weitzman Women’s 5050 Over-the-Knee Boot

best over the knee boots for skinny legs

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If you are looking for the best over knee boots for your skinny legs, buy the Stuart Weitzman Women’s 5050 Over-the-Knee Boot. This brand not only sells style, durability, and class, but it earns accolades from the design world and again the legions of diverse fans.

This over-the-knee boot is an iconic model that’s instantly recognizable. The boot has a distinctive over-the-knee front shaft and is crafted from one of the best ultra-luxe Nappa or sometimes suede. The flashy top range boot again has a slightly shorter back shaft with a micro stretch design. It comes in various hues that give you the freedom to choose to match up your outfit or go with your personality.

For a more reliable design, the boots are designed using an A-list leather and a soft insole. Its look is extremely stylish and boasts of a slender cut and an elasticized fabric panel. The elastic material is fitted at the back to provide an ultra-slim fit design for your skinny legs.

In doing this, you’ll get a non-slip grip that keeps the boots on your knees. Thanks to its low heel design, wearing these boots for longer is nothing to worry about. It is a signature boot that’s meticulously detailed for a sleek and flawless fit.

2. Chinese Laundry Women’s Uma Over the Knee Boot

best over the knee boots

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The Chinese Laundry Women’s Uma Over the Knee Boot is a rather new design in the market, but I believe this model rocks. It has one of the top ratings for the best over the knee boots because of skinny legs and offers several features that you’d simply die for.

The model is designed to cover your skinny legs right from the toe to somewhere between the knee and the thigh. The thigh-high design gives you an awesome touch with your tights or skinny jeans and, more importantly, leaves you to stand out. Designed from a faux suede touch, these boots for any skinny leg are stylish. It is durable and will give you value for your money in no time.

Again, with its wedge design, balancing on this boot is easy. You can therefore wear it for extended timelines without feeling exhausted at all. On the inside is a smart lining that maximizes comfort and at the same time gives you the best air-wicking touch. The outsole is, however, made out of synthetic material, which may slightly deny it the non-slip touch that every user requires.

Even so, the wedge design compensates for that and allows you to enjoy one of the best weight supports like no other. The colors are equally limited, which could deny you the chance to make some of the best attire and personality-related choices.

3. Shoe’N Tale Women Stretch Suede High Over the Knee Boots

best over the knee boots

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I love the Shoe’N Tale Women Stretch Suede High Over the Knee Boots. That’s for sure. I have several pairs from this design. And I can confidently tell you that there are the best over the knee boots for your skinny legs. There is no other model like this one, and here are the reasons why. First, this set of OTK boots enjoy some of the best reviews and ratings from all over.

They are designed from 100% suede. The suede design gives it a high level of durability and enables the boot to provide you with value for your money. That notwithstanding, this boot model has a rubber sole. This type of sole provides the best non-slip technology. You can adorn it on slippery floors and walk with no worry of an accident.

Personally, I love the boots because their opening measures about 14″ around. This is wide enough to enable you to wear and remove the boots easily. Again, it enhances the 100% human-made design that adds quality and uniqueness to these boots. Most users have referred to the 3.5 inches heels as being friendly and less exhaustive.

As such, you can use these OTK boots for extended walks. The shaft length hits 26 inches without worries, and there is additional stretchy material for a super cool elastic design and an ideal calf-fitting touch.

4. Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Classic Equestrian Boot

best over the knee boots for skinny legs

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Of course, style is something to consider when working with the over-the-knee boot for skinny legs. And if that’s the case, then our most stylish OTK boots are the Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Classic Equestrian Boot. Now, what makes this boot the best of the best? Apart from its stylish design, this skinny leg boot is made from 100% leather.

This means 100% durability, 100% quality, and 100% value. Even better, it has a high-grade synthetic sole that’s strong enough to support the weight of the wearer. While this outsole may not use the non-slip technology, it is wide enough and, as such, eliminates any chances of slipping on a slippery floor.

The shaft of this boot measures about 16.75″, and that makes the boots so reliable when it comes to cold winter. The boot opening again measures 15″ around and leaves you with enough space to slip on and off your boots with so much ease. Thanks to its knee-length touch with a beveled topline, this boot gives you the perfect cover for a skinny leg and will leave you feeling confident.

The other thing that users of this boot reckon with is its ease of cleaning. In case of dirt, you can easily wipe with a clean and damp cloth to get the sparkle that you need. The boot must, however, be dried naturally and kept away from liquid shoe polishes or even polishes that contain silicone.

5. Frye Women’s Melissa Button Lug Tall Knee High Boot

Frye Women's Melissa Button Lug Tall Knee High Boot

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Finally, we have the over the knee boots for your skinny legs. Like the sister model above, the only difference that this model makes is in color. Made of synthetic leather, these OTK boots will cover your skinny legs from right above the knee to the tip of your toe.

The boots have an inner fur lining that again gives you a soft landing the best comfort whenever you are using these boots. More importantly, and with its distinctive just-over-the-knee front shaft, this boot will give you a style like no other. It comes in a variety of color that enables you to craft your own design. You can follow your favorite color, attire, or personality.

Thanks to its ultra-luxe Nappa or suede design, it’s now possible to get a durable boot that gives you the best snug fitting. And to make the user experience much better, there is a slightly shorter micro stretch that’s set at the back shaft. That’s why this boot will leave you with a sleek silhouette and an additionally flawless fit. Wear this set of boots and enjoy another high-end insole design too.

The look that you’ll get from this boot is top-notch, and its elasticized fabric panel again gives it a non-slip touch from the back. This is the boot for anyone that wants an ultra-slim fit.

Considerations for Buying Your Knee Boots for Skinny Legs

With the reviews clearly laid above, it is important to understand the need for buying an over-the-boot that suits your needs. Here are some of the best tips that you can go with to nail the best OTK boots.


The first thing that you want to be sure of is the budget. This is often determined by the price of the boot. A good model will hardly force you to break your coffers since it comes with a price that you can easily manage.To know if the price is affordable, create a budget prior to your shopping and ensure that the price that you are working with falls within your budget. Your budget, on the other hand, should contain an amount that you can comfortably spend and still save some dollars.


A good material determines the level of durability that your best over the knee boots for skinny leg offers. Durable materials will include leather, suede, and synthetic leather. With proper care, over-the-knee boots that are forged from the three will last longer. Some people have also looked at the sole. Since it is the main part that steps onto the surface, the sole should be reliable. An efficient type of sole will come from rubber or synthetic material. It is again wider to maximize stability.


The length of the shaft is equally important. According to many reviews that I researched, people with skinny legs need a shaft that covers around their thigh to the toes. Knee-length plays a vital role here. It determines whether the boot will cover major parts of your leg or if it will expose some areas.


Another important consideration is maintenance. While the boots look cool, they won’t do that for long if they aren’t given proper care. Look for a model that’s easy to care for. It should be easy to clean, fix, or use. For most leather designs, cleaning off dirt with a soft, damp rag will do the trick.


The other thing that most people rarely look at is the weight. Well, a boot that weighs about 3 pounds is okay. Even so, some models could weigh more. Remember this, when buying your best knee boots for skinny legs; you should factor in the length of time that you can use them regularly. This timeline will be more if your boot is light enough for your feet. Heavier boots will leave you feeling exhausted faster, and you can rarely use them for extended walks.


You saw what a typical classic looks like in the Sam Edelman Women’s Penny Classic Equestrian Boot. It is because of this reason that the style that you choose should be awesome. A good style helps your boots to stand out from the crowd. In doing that, it boosts your confidence and diverts attention from your skinny legs too. And that’s just the bomb.


Comfort is also very necessary. The best comfort levels are determined by the design of the sole and the finish on the inside. Focus more on a sole that’s easy to walk around with, and if possible, look for a model that has a soft inner lining too.


Finally, the other thing that plays a key role in all these is color. Choosing a hue that suits you is highly commendable. It gives you a boot that you can easily relate to and which makes you feel comfortable. Choose the color by looking at the following.

  • Favorite color
  • Your regular attires
  • Your personality

NOTE: When choosing your over-knee boots for skinny legs, go for a design that comfortably meets your needs.

Regular Questions

What are the best over-the-knee boots for your skinny legs?

This is an over the knee boot that won’t slip down once it is worn. Rather the boot stays up at all times. The best models come with stretchy material around the back that holds the boot firmly high up.

Where can I buy my over the knee boots for skinny legs?

Buy these boots online. You will save so much money on discounts and offers. In addition to that, when you buy online, you get direct shipping to your doorstep. This helps you to preserve energy and time.

How do you keep your boots above the knee?

This is simple. You can wear over knee boots with leggings, tights, or skinny jeans. You can also use double adhesive tape. Nonetheless, you can wear your boot with a plastic bag. Make sure that you tear off the plastic bag pieces that stick out.

Can I wear my knee-high boots loose?

Nop. Knee-high boots should be worn above the knee. Remember that your main worry is skinny legs, so why let people in again? Rather, keep the boots above the knee length and have a worry-free movement.

What are the benefits of OTK boots?

The benefits of the best over the knee boots include the following. They keep the legs safe from sunburns and harmful UV rays. They are stylish and will give you more confidence. They offer the best designs.


It is evident that buying the best over the knee boots for skinny legs is a brainer. So long as you’ve got the right information, you’ll realize that buying these boots is more like a walk in the park. Nonetheless, you should ensure that the boots that you’ve chosen will serve your needs. You must again determine how to provide the best care for them. With proper care and maintenance, any best over the knee boots should last longer and serve your better.

From wedge soles to padded linings, look for a boot that you can easily slip in and off your leg too.

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