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best sandals for sweaty feet

If you think that you are the only one who has sweaty feet, you are wrong because it’s not a rare condition. About five percent of the population in the world struggles with sweaty feet. But that sweat in the feet can lead to smelly feet, which is something to worry about. Sweaty feet can also cause all sorts of problems like itching.

But there is a solution to the sweaty feet that are the best sandals for sweaty feet. You can reduce sweat by just wearing the right kind of shoes. The right type of shoes won’t magically remove the sweat but will help reduce the sweat to a great extent. Let us help you buy the right kind of shoe that you need to get rid of your sweaty feet. Have a look at our best recommendations for the best sweaty feet sandals.

Here Is The List of The Top 6 Best Sandals for Sweaty Feet

  • AEROTHOTIC Original Style Flip Flops – best thong style for ladies
  • Chaco Women’s Z1 Classic Sport Sandal – best women classic sport sandal
  • Crocs Men’s and Women’s Classic Clog – best men’s sandals for sweaty feet
  • KEEN Women’s Reece Sandal- best women’s sandals for sweaty feet
  • Dansko Women’s Reece Sandal – best material sandal for women
  • Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal – best durable sandals for women

1.AEROTHOTIC Original Comfort Thong Style Flip Flopsbest sandals for sweaty feet

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The AEROTHOTIC sandals are perfect for ladies who have sweaty feet. The shoes are comfortable and easily fit on tiny feet. The boots provide fantastic arch support, and you can wear the shoes throughout the day without any hassle.

Top Product Features:

  • Performance: Shoes are perfect for people suffering from chronic foot pain or women who have back and heel pain. The AEROTHOTIC is one of the best shoes with excellent performance which they provide the product arch support that makes the shoes more comfortable.
  • Water resistance: The shoe design is perfect for kitchen work, beaches, etc., because of its water and sweat resistance features.
  • Materials: The overall construction of malleable footwear makes the footwear easy to slip in and out and makes the shoes lighter. The shoes have polyurethane gel insoles that are non-slip and also have the ability to absorb shock.

Top Product Benefits:

  • Broader: The AEROTHOTIC sandals are open and broader than most of the other shoes. These shoes are perfect for women who provide comfort and cooling of air in the summer season, made up for easy walking throughout the day easily.
  • Designed: The design is for those fashion-forward people who take comfort as the top priority. The woman sandals have a U-shaped hollow outsole that holds a firm grip on rough surfaces. The water and sweat-resistant features are beneficial for those women who have sweaty feet or for those who use the shoes more in watering areas.


  • It is Well designed.
  • Sweat resistance.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not for wide feet.

2.Chaco Women’s Z1 Classic Sport Sandal

best women classic sport sandal

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These Chaco women’s sandals you can wear every day. It doesn’t matter if you are outside or at work; even on your road trips or international trips, the shoes are just perfect. Moreover, shoes are famous for their comfortability and simple design. Most people use these shoes for trips because of their lightweights and can adjust in small spaces.

Top Product Features:

  • Materials: The sandal’s upper side consists of a solid and quick-drying polyester with a jacquard strap and a buckle that provides adjustable straps. Furthermore, for fit customization, they offer a midsole, also have flexible and durable high tensile webbing heel risers.
  • Comfortable: These Chaco women’s Z1 sandals are suitable for the summer seasons. The shoes are super comfortable when the outside is scorching, and having your feet exposed to the air will provide colossal help to stay calm. The sandals have a pretty look, which keeps the feet a bit further away from the ground because of their thickness, so your feet’ toes won’t stub.

Top Product Benefits:

  • Simple: The Chaco women’s sandals are a perfectly simple, breathable design to keep the feet cool. These sandals are sturdy and comfortable that will provide an incredible feel to the user’s feet.
  • Design: Chaco design looks like traditional flip-flops that are manufactured from lather to keep the sandal sturdy. These shoes are famous and suitable for dusty trails and road sidewalks. In the design, feet feel comfortable and look pretty.


  • Durable and compact design.
  • Stylish look.
  • lightweight


  • Strapping of shoes once tightened was a long process.

3.Crocs Men’s and Women’s Classic Clog

best men's sandals for sweaty feet

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Crocs men’s and women’s shoes are usable for both Men’s and Women’s. The Crocs product has high ratings that cross 142000 rates on amazon, meaning that it has something unique. Let’s see and explore their features and benefits.

Top Product Features:

  • Performance: Crocs shoes have excellent performance and are also very supportive. For men’s and women’s, they provide different kinds of colors. People love the durability and easy cleanup of the product. The shoes also offer a back strip for more comfort, and the Crocs brand is famous for its comfortable products.
  • Materials: It is manufactured from Croslite foam materials, which make the product more durable. These breathable shoes are famous around which you can ride a bike and scooter while wearing them. These awesome lightweight shoes will make you fall deeper in love day after day.

Top Product Benefits:

  • Design: When someone talks about the Crocs brand, their unique design shoes come to mind. These summer shoes come in multiple colors in which you could quickly get your favorite color that suits your personality. The slip-on clogs design is easy to take off and on also you can get any size of shoes.
  • Comfortable: The Classic clog can be easily used by both men and women comfortably. In this design, the shoes come for kids. If you are searching for comfortable shoes, even for your kids, this is one of the best hot seasons. One of the best men’s sandals for sweaty feet that can be easily clean will recommend this item for hikers.


  • Super comfortable.
  • After washing, it looks new.
  • Keep the feet cool.


  • Bit expensive.

4.KEEN Women’s Reece Sandal

best women's sandals for sweaty feet

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Keen Women’s Reece sandals are easy to adjust in water or out of water because of their lightweight performance. One of the best women’s sandals for sweaty feet that can be easily clean will recommend this item for hikers.

Top Product Features:

  • Comfort: The product is very comfortable against the skin because it is designed for hiking, so the brand provides excellent comfort. Most people hate many straps, so the item has simple straps that you can easily adjust. To this product, they provide decent traction that will keep the user’s toes intact while crossing the river or hiking to feel and enjoy the Alps’ view.

Top Product Benefits:

  • Stability and versatility: KEEN sandals are molded and fairly thick that remain flexible and give a stable feel. These shoes are fine for water sports, hiking, road trips, and town use.
  • Design: They have a bulky shape and floppy elastic cord, people are not happy with KEEN sandals, but their comfort design impressed them greatly.


  • Non-marking rubber outsole.
  • Secure feel.
  • Easy cleanup.


  • Make the feet hot.

5.Dansko Women’s Reece Sandal

Dansko Women's Reece Sandal

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Dansko women’s Reece sandals are stylish shoes with comfort in which your feet will not be tired. Most people search for comfortable shoes that also have an attractive look, so in our list, we add this Dansko Women’s Reece sandal that will meet the user’s expectations.

Top Product Features:

  • Materials: For long-lasting wearing, they provide a rubber outsole to this product with an adjustable strap that can quickly go from casual to dressy. This is one of the smooth items which they are lined with breathable leather.
  • Comfortable: The suede bottom of shoes will keep the feet away from slipping. The shoe is fit and more comfortable with a heel strap and toe loop.

Top Product Benefits:

  • Design: The provider has a simple range of styles in which your feet will look prettier. This design is especially for those who want style with comfortable shoes. Every time you wear these shoes, you will feel great.
  • Size: Many people complain that the shoe is small or they don’t get a perfect size. Don’t worry about it. At first, the shoes feel small/ unfitted, but remember the shoes have lather material that will fit in your feet after several uses.


  • Comfortable.
  • Attractive design.
  • Lather quality.


  • After some use, the shoes get loose.

6.Teva Women’s Tirra Sandal

best sweaty feet sandals

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Teva women’s Tirra sandals are pairs of sandals that won’t fall apart after months. The Teva is also a well-known brand that manufactures outdoor and footwear products of high quality. Their shoes are famous for many different activities.

Top Product Features:

  • Performance: The shoes are lighter and have excellent performance even if you forget that you wear them. Moreover, they provide an adjustable nature of straps that determine the comforting nature of shoes. These are also perfect for hiking or any other kind of trip.
  • Durability: People are using this item after years of purchase that determines the product’s longevity. If you maintain them properly, then it works for years, like don’t put the shoes in the washing machine that damages the shoe permanently.
  • Materials: The outsole of the product comes from rubber that creates high friction traction. The 1.5-inch heel cup placed a blended polyurethane / EVE unit to protect and help reduce the shock power. To the upper side, they provide soft straps that have hydrophobic synthetic material.

Top Product Benefits:

  • Design: This shoe item is famous for many different activities, specially designed for hot weather. These sandals are perfect on warm sunny days for hiking that offer maximum breathability, and are also lighter. They provide a stylish design in which you travel anywhere in hot weather.
  • Secure and comfort: Teva Women’s Tirra sandals will keep the feet secure and comfy. The straps will hold the foot perfectly and will reduce the impact of pressure points and hotspots. Teva is available in half and full sizes in which you can select the best sandals yourself.


  • Compact design.
  • Flexible.
  • Light in weight.


  • Straps of the ankle are short.

How Do You Get Rid of Sweaty and Smelly Feet at Home?

Proper cleaning of feet:

The first and foremost thing that you should do is the washing and cleaning of your feet. Get in touch with any pharmacist and ask for their advice for the best antibacterial soap. And use the antibacterial soap almost two times a day for the washing of your feet.


After washing your feet, don’t forget to dry them. Many of us often forget to dry our shoes properly. If you are a person with sweaty feet, we will recommend having a separate towel for your feet. After washing, dry your feet with that towel.

The right type of shoes:

The other important thing is the correct type of shoes if you have smelly feet. Look for different kinds of features and characteristics in your new shoes. For instance, take a look at the material of the shoes. Always go for breathable fabric. Canvas and leather both have good breathability features. We will also recommend you not choose a human-made material as these materials trap moisture and heat, which can cause more sweat and smell in your shoes.


Never ignore wearing the correct type of socks in your shoes. For socks material, the same rule applies as for the fabric of the shoes. Try to pick a good quality pair of socks of wool or cotton. Don’t try synthetic material for your socks.

Besides the material of the socks, change the socks regularly. You should have a good pair of socks to avoid all kinds of smells and sweetness.

Things to Consider When Buying Sweaty feet Sandals

Size of the shoe

The single most important thing to consider while buying a shoe for anyone is the size of the shoe. Because having the wrong size can lead to all sorts of problems, including sweaty feet. Wearing a size smaller than your actual foot size means that your foot is not getting any air, and that causes the body’s natural cooling system to kick start, which is sweating. So always go for the best fit.

Here is a tip that will help you find the best fit. Always buy a shoe in the evening when you have done some walking because it will increase the feet to size when tired. And when you buy a shoe at that point, it won’t cause any discomfort and reduce the amount of sweating.

Build material:

Every material used to make a shoe has its specific properties. Some look classy. On the other hand, some are to provide maximum comfort. Some materials are to make a shoe suitable for a particular weather condition. And if you have sweaty feet, some of the build materials might not suit you. Go for the material which allows the maximum airflow possible. So your feet do not get warm and start sweating.

Shoe design:

After choosing the suitable material and correct size for the sandals, the next thing you should be looking at is the design. Always look for a design that allows maximum airflow. If you go for a design with plenty of strips wrapping the foot, that won’t help the cause because that will stop the airflow and cause the feet to sweat.

So always look for a design that has fewer strips. And if you live in warm climates, choose flip-flops because they maximize the airflow and significantly reduce sweating.

Washable or non-washable:

Most of the sandals designed for sweaty feet are washable. But always double-check that because if you are buying a shoe to deal with sweat, it has to be water-resistant otherwise, there is no point in buying them.


The last thing you want to check in the best sweaty feet sandals is the sole of the shoe. Ensure that the sole is not made up of foam-like materials because that will soak the sweat and remain wet for a long time. Generally, rubber soles are considered best for these types of sandals. So try to go for the product that has a rubber sole.

Frequently Asked Question”

Why are my feet so sweaty?

As stated earlier, having sweaty feet is not a rare condition. Many people around you might be having the same problem as you because around five percent of the population in the world suffers from sweating feet. There is a condition called hyperhidrosis which causes the feet to sweat more than ordinary people. But there can be other reasons as well.

The first to mention here is emotions. Certain feelings can trigger a specific kind of activity in the body, and fear can also cause sweating. And the second reason could be the type of shoes that you wear. Because if your shoes are too tight, that can also increase the feet’ temperature and cause sweating.

Why do I have smelly feet?

Several factors cause smelly feet, but all of them are somewhat related to sweaty feet. So, where there is sweat, there is the smell. Some of the emotional and genetic reasons in the first question. Apart from genetic and emotional reasons, feet can also smell because of some external causes.

Dirty shoes

If you use a pair of shoes daily for working out and playing sports, it can get sweaty from inside, and if you don’t give enough time to dry the sweat, it can become a haven for bacteria to flourish.

Dirty socks

Just like dirty shoes, dirty socks can lead to smelly feet. So try using a new pair daily to avoid any smell.

Can I avoid sweaty feet by using loose shoes?

If you believe that your feet are sweating due to tight shoes, you should get a shoe more significant than the previous one, but don’t go for the bigger size if your feet are naturally sweaty. Just invest in the sandals specifically designed for sweaty feet.

Do sandals help in reducing sweat?

Yes, sandals can significantly reduce the amount of sweat on the feet. Since they have an open design, they let the air pass and strike the foot, keeping the feet’ temperature down. So when the temperature of feet stays low, they are unlikely to sweat.


Today we discuss all the possible details of footwear for smelly and sweaty feet. There are thousands of people out there who are facing the issues of Smelly feet. One of the best solutions is the right kind of shoes that are not easy to find. Hundreds of shoe manufacturers claim to have sweat and smell-free features. However, all these claims are not valid at all.

So to help you entirely, we compiled a list of the best sweaty feet sandals. There are perfect sandals for men and women that you need to look at and grab the best one for you. We hope you will like our today’s review and will give your opinion.

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